24" Seco Slitting Line (Used)

24" Seco Slitting Line (Used)

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Line Includes:


  24" Wide

  ID Range:15"- 21"

  Hydraulic Sliding Base

  Attached Hold Down

  Hydraulic Feed Up Motor with Air Clutch & Brake

Peeler/Pinch Roll Unit (Feeds Slitter Head)

   Hydraulic In/Out & Up/Down 

Slitter Head, Seco

   26" Wide x 4-1/2” Diameter Arbor

   Entry Side Guides and Pinch Rolls

   40 HP, 500 Volt, DC Motor

   Left to Right

Pad Type Tension Stand with Feed Table to Recoiler

  28" Wide Tension Stand

  Feed Table that Feeds the Recoiler 

Scrap Winder, Loopco

   Hydraulic Oscillation

   Hydraulic Drive on Scrap Winder

   Electro Brake

Recoiler, Seco

   28" Wide Main Drum 

   16" ID w/ Pads to Take to 20"

   Attached Overarm Separator

   Manual Gripper

   Manual Collapse

   70 HP DC Motor

   Left to Right

   Caliper Brake


Stock NumberVX-1702