48" x .135" x 40,000 Lbs. Stamco/Herr Voss Loop Slitting Line (Used)

48" x .135" x 40,000 Lbs. Stamco/Herr Voss Loop Slitting Line (Used)

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Main Technical Details:

Line Direction: Right to Left

Speed Range:  800fpm Max

Thickness Range: .135" max to .015" min

Slit Mult Width: 18" Max, 1" Min


Material Characteristics:

Material: Cold Rolled, Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled Steel, Coated Steel,

Aluminum Brass and Copper

80,000 Max PSI

30,000 Min PSI


Complete Line with the Following Components:

2 Coil Storage Platform

2 Coil Storage Platform with Floor Type V Deck Coil Car

Stamco Mandrel Uncoiler


16" ID with Leaves for 20" to 24" Expansion

72" Coil OD

4 Leaf Mandrel Design

Hydraulic Expansion

Sliding Base

75HP DC Motor Drive


Free Standing Powered Hold Down Roll

Machine# 4140


Peeler Table

Polyurethane Covered Pass Line Rolls


Entry Non Powered Pinch Rolls


3 Roll Coil Set Deflector Rolls

Machine# 4140

55" Roll Face

162HP AC Motor Drive


Powered Pinch Rolls

3HP AC Motor Drive


(2) Stamco Slitting Heads

53 " Arbor Face

7 " Arbor Diameter

Crane Removal Design

150HP Baldor DC Motor Drive

Nutall Gearbox 7.814 to 1 Ratio


Dual Scrap Choppers with Dual 20 HP Reliance DC Motor Drives

Scrap Conveyor


Powered Pinch Rolls

3HP Drive


Cascade Rolls

Pit Cross Over Table

Over Arm Separator Shaft

Synchrowind Combination (Roll Type-Pad Type) Tension Stand

60" Width

100HP DC Reliance Motor Drive

2 speed Horsburg & Scott Reduction Gearbox

-23.67 to 1

-11.49 to 1


Exit Pass Line Rolls


Herr Voss Exit Crop Shear (Downcut Design)

Thickness Range: .015 to .135" Aluminum

Max Shear Strength: 50,000psi


Herr Voss Free Standing Over Arm Separator with Pass Line Roll

Coil OD Max 50"

Coil ID Min 20"

Speed: 800fpm


Stamco Recoiler

20" ID

72" OD

54" Drum Face

Full Hydraulic Drum

Hydraulic Push Off

150HP DC Reliance Motor, 500-2000rpm

2 Speed Gearbox (10.37 to 1 and 20.32 to 1)


Spare 16" ID x 54" Drum Face Drum


Herr Voss L-Type Exit Coil Car

Plastic Coil Keepers

60,000 lbs. Max Coil Weight


Herr Voss Free standing Coil Keeper/Hold Down Roll

50" Max Width

72" Coil OD

40,000lbs Max Coil Weight


ManufacturerStamco/Herr Voss
Stock NumberVX-1717