40" x .005" x 15,000 Lbs. Used Georg Slitting Line

40" x .005" x 15,000 Lbs. Used Georg Slitting Line

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Year of Manufacture:              1979

Model #:                                  KS160/250-1000W

Materials:                                GO, GNO, Copper, Alum.

Min./Max. Coil Width:                       2- 41” (Trimmed)

Thickness Range:                    .006- .018” (GO/GNO)

                                                .005- .100” (Copper, Alum.)

Width Tolerance:                     +/- .001”

Max. Shear:                             14,000PSI (Alum.)

                                                23,000PSI (Copper)                                       

                                                81,000PSI (GO/GNO)                                   

Max. Coil Weight (Entry):      15,000#

Max. Coil Weight (Exit):        6,000# @8” Drum/ 15,000# @24” Drum     

Coil I.D. (Entry):                    16- 19”/ 19-22” with Risers / 22-24.5” with Risers

Coil I.D. (Exit):                       8 & 24”

Max. Coil O.D.:                      55”

Line Direction:                        Right to Left

Mode of Operation:                Pull Through/ Driven

Line Speed:                             0-660 FPM (GO/GNO)

                                                0-260 FPM (Alum/ Copper)

Equipment List:


Entry Coil Storage Saddle

Two (2) full width coils

Entry Coil Car

Pit Type

Powered Lift and Traverse


Single Mandrel Type

Hydraulic Expansion

Slide Base

33.5HP DC Drive

Hold-down with Powered Snubber Roll

Two (2) sets of Bolt-on Risers (not confirmed)


Automatic Edge Guide

Photo Electric Operation

Entry Unit

Extending Blade Peeler

Powered Entry Pinch Rolls

Drag Type Tension Stand

Slitter Head

Manual Side Guides

6.3” Diameter Arbors

Manual Top Arbor Adjust

Adjustable Fingers

20HP DC Motor

Powered Entry Pinch Rolls

Manual Scrap Guides with Shute


Scrap Baller

Powered Masher


Pit Section

Entry Cantenary Section

Powered Carry-over Table

Combination Tension Stand

Powered Traverse to Carry-over Strip

Exit Cantenary Section

Three (3) Separator Shafts

Two (2) Drag Boards

Tension Rolls (Rubber Coated)

25HP DC Braking System

Exit Pass-line Rolls (Rubber Coated)

Recoiler Feed Table

Turret Recoiler                                                       

Powered Rotation

Hydraulic Push-off (Base Mounted)

Powered Expansion (both Drums)

Powered Gripper (24” Drum)

75HP DC Motor

Hold-down Arm


Exit Coil Car

Pit Type

Powered Lift and Traverse

Exit Turnstile

Two (2) arms x 15,000# each arm @24” ID

One (1) arm x 6,000# @8” ID

Powered Rotation

Electrical Controls                                            

Main Operators Control Console

Auxiliary Operators Stations

AC & DC Control Cabinets

ABB Drive System (new in 2013)

Slitter Tooling                                                   

Hub and “Packed” Tooling

Carbide Knives

Steel Spacers


Misc. Separator Tooling


Hydraulic System

Spare Parts

Drawings and Manuals


Stock NumberVX-1723