36" x 30,000 Lbs. Paxson Driven Loop Slitting Line (Used)

36" x 30,000 Lbs. Paxson Driven Loop Slitting Line (Used)

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General Specifications:

Manufacturer: Paxson

Year Manufactured: 1972

Material: CR, Galv, Tin Plate, Silicone, Stainless

Weight capacity: 30,000lbs

Thickness range: .006" to .095"

Coil ID: 16" to 20"

Line speed: 

  700 FPM (at 16" ID on the Recoiler) 

     1000 FPM (at 20" ID on the Recoiler)

Line Direction:   Right to Left

Consisting of the following:

-Entry Coil Car:

 Pit Type 

 Self-Contained Hydraulics


 Hydraulic Expansion

 16" - 20" Coil I.D. Range

 Sliding Base

 Wichita Brake

 AC Motor Threading Drive

-Photoelectric edge detector


-Peeler Table:

 Entry Passline Rolls

 Entry Side Guides 

-Slitter Heads:

 (2) Heads (Crane Removal Type)

 4,00" arbor x 38" max arbor face

 Parallel Arbor Adjustment

 50hp DC Motor Drive, 1150 to 2300rpm w/Blower

 Right angle reducer/pinion stand, 3.625:1 ratio

 Shimless Tooling 

-Paxson dual cone type scrap winder

 Hydraulic motor drive

 Push button scrap ball dump

 Hydraulic level wind

 24" x 30" capacity scrap ball

-Pit Cross Over Table: 

-Tension Stand: Royalton

 Combination Roll and Pad Type

 Pad unit, hyd. cyl. raise and lower

 Tension by air bag on the bottom

 16" dia. x 40" face urethane tension rolls

 Dual air brakes, drive shafts to the rolls

 Entry Separator Tooling Bar

 Exit feed up table

 Exit steel pass line rolls, 42" face


 16" Dia. Drum with Pads for 20" Dia.

 Manual Clamp and Expansion

 70" Max. O.D. 

 Hydraulic Pushoff

 Overarm Separator 

 50hp DC Motor, 850 to 2500rpm, w/Blower

 14.6:1 reducer ratio

-Exit Coil Car/Upender: 

 Hydraulic Cylinder for Tipping

 "V" Cradle 51" long 

 Twin Hydraulic Cylinder Lift, 16"

 60" wide x 66" long Conveyor Rolls on Flat side

 5" slot down the middle of the conveyor rolls

 Hydraulic Motor Driven for Traversing

-Operators Control Panels:

-Removed and in Storage: Toledo, OH


Stock NumberVX-1731