60" Slear 1 Iowa Precision Multi-Blank/Cut to Length Line

60" Slear 1 Iowa Precision Multi-Blank/Cut to Length Line

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Year of Manufacture:                 2004                                        

Model #:                                  SLEAR 1

Materials:                                 CRS, Alum., Galv., Pre-paint

Min./Max. Coil Width:                6- 60”

Thickness Range:                       .015- .064”

Max. Shear:                               45,000PSI

Max. Yield:                               45,000PSI

Max. Coil Weight:                      20,000#

Coil I.D.:                                  20- 24” (nominal)

Max. Coil O.D.:                         64”

Slitting Capacity:                        Five (5) cuts of .060”/ Six (6) cuts of .045”

Minimum Slit Width:                  3”

Line Direction:                          Right to Left      

Stacker Length:                          1- 12’

Maximum Bundle:                      18” x 10,000# @12’

Mode of Operation:                    Front Loop

Line Speed:                               20- 200FPM/ 20- 150FPM (using Scrap Winders)

Required Area:                           20’ x 70’

Required Power:                        160 Amps


Entry Turnstile

Four (4) arms x 20,000# per arm

Powered Rotation

Slotted for C-Hook

Entry Coil Car

Low Boy Type

Floor Mounted

Powered Lift and Traverse


Mandrel Type

Powered Expansion

Feed-up Drive

Hold-down with Powered Snubber

Loop Control with Dancer Arm

Self-contained Hydraulic Unit

Entry Unit

Extending Blade Peeler

Powered Entry Pinch Roll

Manual Side Guides

Pit Section

Entry/Exit Cascade Rolls with Cross-over Tables

Sonic Loop Control

Manual Side Guides


Powered Entry Pinch Rolls

Slitter Head with Hub Type Tooling (5” diameter Arbor)

Fifteen (15) Slitter Knives

Powered Pinch Rolls #2

Flattener with six (6) Work Rolls in a 3/3 Configuration

Powered Exit Pinch Rolls

Down-cut Shear on Traversing Track (Single Rake Blade)

One (1) spare set of Shear Blades

Two (2) Scrap Winders

Min./Max. Scrap Width: .250- 1”

Level Wind

Automatic Scrap Dump

Stacker (New in 2013)

Manual Adjustable End Stop

Manual Adjustable Side Tampers

Avon Scissor Lift Table with Powered Roller Conveyor Top

Three (3) Sheet Tampers

Five (5) Blank Dividers

Lift Table with Powered Conveyor Top

Powered Side Discharge Conveyor (New in 2013)

12’ Length

20,000# Capacity

Twin Powered Rubber Belts


Main Operators Console with Allen Bradley Touch Screen and PLC

Aux. Control Consoles

AC/DC Cabinet

Misc. Transformers


ManufacturerIowa Precision
ModelSLEAR 1
Stock NumberVX-35199