72” Herr-Voss Cut-To-Length Line

72” Herr-Voss Cut-To-Length Line

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Basic Line Specifications 

Materials: Stainless Steel, Aluminum 

Max. Coil Weight: 40,000 lbs.

Max. Coil Width: 72"

Max. Coil O.D.: 77" 

Coil I.D. Range: 20"-24”

Max. Line Speed: 200 fpm

Processing Range: Stainless Steel: 0.030”-0.135” (@72” wide)

Stainless Steel: 0.030” -0.187” (@60” wide or less)

Aluminum: 0.040”-0.190” (@72” wide)

Aluminum: 0.040”-0.250” (@60” wide or less)  

Line Direction: Left To Right

Equipment List 

Turnstile: 4-positon (unknown manufacturer)

Coil Car:  40,000 lbs. capacity

Uncoiler: 40,000 lbs. capacity, mandrel type w/hold down roll (Wean United) 

Paper Unwinder: Custom (unknown manufacturer)

Peeler Table: Expanding blade (Herr Voss)

Leveler:  72” 6-HI Herr-Voss Precision Leveler (manufactured 1999)

Model # VKL-84/2.187-19/7 6-HI, Left Hand w/pinch rolls

0.032-0.135” thickness capacity, 150 hp DC Drive Motor

Ink Jet Coder: Model IJ3000 w/4 print heads

Hump table: 75” wide x 12 ft. long 

Applicator Stand: Paper with static charge bar / PVC (top/bottom)

Shear: 72”x 1⁄4” capacity High-Speed Bow-tie Shear, with clamp

Wysong Model # HS-625-RKB 

Belt Conveyor:  72” wide x 25 ft. long; powered, leg mounted (custom built) 

Sheet Stacker:  72” wide x 300” Long (unknown manufacturer)

c/w (6) 4,000 lbs. portable scissor lift tables and (2) run out chain pallet changers

Also Included:  Select spare parts for Leveler and High Speed shear

Circuit Master Model Double A 15hp Line hydraulic system

Associated electrical process controls, operator stations, panels  


Stock NumberVX-35258