Recoliers FAQ's

How do Recoilers Work?

The slitting line process, as a whole, works like this.

A strip of metal unwinds from the uncoiler and is sent to the line for processing at the speed and direction best suited for the type of material and thickness. In contrast to a cut-to-length (CTL) process that cuts strips of metal to a specified width and length, the slitting process takes a master coil of material and breaks it down into smaller coils with specific diameters. From there, it goes to the recoiler.

The recoiler is a piece of equipment on the slitting line used to wind cut strips of metal onto a spool-shaped device. An expanding mandrel controls the strip’s rate and direction as it is rewinding.

A reliable recoiler needs to be able to take in the finished product consistently and efficiently. A recoiler will also need to be able to handle set tensile strengths and precise widths. VX-LLC has available many options for established branded recoilers, offering a selection of depths and widths to choose from.

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