Recoliers FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions About Recoilers

This FAQ explains how recoilers work and what features to look for in a reliable recoiler. At VX-LLC, we offer a selection of established branded recoilers. Contact us to find the right equipment for your needs.

Recoilers FAQs: How Do Recoilers Work?

The recoiling process is a crucial part of the slitting line process. It involves winding cut strips of metal onto a spool-shaped device. If you're in the metal processing industry, you may have some questions about recoilers. 

How Do Recoilers Work?

The slitting line process works by taking a master coil of material and breaking it down into smaller coils with specific diameters. A metal strip then unwinds from the uncoiler and is sent to the line for processing. Once the strip has been cut, it is sent to the recoiler. The recoiler uses an expanding mandrel to control the strip’s rate and direction while rewinding onto the spool-shaped device.

What Makes a Reliable Recoiler?

A reliable recoiler needs to be able to take in the finished product consistently and efficiently. It must be able to handle set tensile strengths and precise widths. Additionally, it should be easy to operate and maintain.

What Recoiler Options Are Available?

At VX-LLC, we offer a variety of established branded recoilers in various depths and widths. This ensures that you can choose the recoiler that best fits your needs.

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