At VX LLC, our extensive inventory of coil-handling equipment enhances your expertise and

efficiency in every aspect of coil and sheet handling. Our range includes adaptable and robust

products like coil grabs, coil lifts, and c-hooks, perfect for safely lifting and moving heavy

steel coils from transport vehicles and within facilities. These tools are crucial for minimizing the

risk of damage during handling.

For the precise positioning and safe repositioning of your coils and sheets, we offer upenders

and tippers in various capacities to suit different operational needs. These devices effortlessly

transition heavy loads between horizontal and vertical positions, increasing safety and


Our inventory also features specialized sheet lifters and coil cars, ensuring we can cater to

various industrial applications. Browse our inventory to find the right coil handling solutions to

streamline your operations and enhance safety in your facility. Give us a call to speak to an

expert! (734) 854-8700