Anneal/Pickle Equipment

Anneal/Pickling Equipment

Continuous Annealing
Continuous Annealing Lines allow for several indisputable quality advantages compared to the batch process, particularly the uniformity of heating and cooling. Nowadays, continuous annealing Lines offer the only method that allows a high-speed cooling rate for the steel after recrystallization.

Coil-to-Coil Pickling
Pickling refers to a treatment used to remove impurities, rust, and scale from the surface of a steel coil. During hot rolling processes, an oxide layer (referred to as "scale") is formed on the material's surface. The pickling process is used before most cold rolling procedures to remove the scale from the previously hot rolled steel surface, thus making it easier to work.

To remove this oxide layer, the material is dipped into a vat of what is called "pickle liquor." Pickle liquor can come in many forms; carbon steels with an alloy content of less than 6% are often pickled in hydrochloric or sulfuric acid. Other acids are utilized for stainless steel or steel with higher carbon content applications (hydrofluoric and nitric acid).

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