Anneal/Pickle Equipment

Anneal / Pickle Equipment

The entry of an APL has a small sealing followed by a Preheating Furnace (PF). The strip is heated by waste gas coming from the Direct Fired Furnace (DFF), in the DFF strip is further heated to the required annealing temperatures and hold for certain soaking time. Strip is supported inside furnace by up-down rollers. After the annealing section, the strip enters an air cooling section followed by a water quench for final cooling and a wringer roller.

Pickling removes surface oxides and cleans surfaces to expose the bare metal. Pickling operations are very important in the manufacture of stainless steel and provide the transition between hot plant and cold plant, after the annealing operations. It involves multi-step chemical reactions, and is one of the most polluting and costly chemical processes in the steel industry due to the presence of the highly corrosive acids and hazardous substances such as hexavalent chromium and NOx.

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