Cranes come in all different styles, designs, and capacities. Overhead Bridge Cranes are specifically designed for heavy lifting and can easily handle weights of 100 tons or more.

Overhead bridge cranes are available in both single and double girder depending on the end-users requirements. Single girder bridge cranes operate with one girder supporting a trolley/hoist. Double girder bridge cranes utilizer extra support via two bridge girders. Double girder cranes offer better headroom than a single girder crane and increased lifting capacity.

Monorail cranes are most effective where materials are repetitively moved from one point to another. The monorail hoist/trolley runs on a single stationary beam. Monorail cranes offer a cost-effective alternative to bridge or gantry cranes for applications that require limited lifting capacity.

The two primary bridge crane configurations are known as "top running" and "under running." A top running trolley rides on the top of the runway beams, whereas an under-running bridge rides on the bottom flange of the runway beams.

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