12´´ Fenn 2-HI Mill (Used)

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9" x 10" Post Area 12" Roll Face 10" Diameter Rolls Has Entry Edging Section Includes: (1) Fenn Reducing Mill, 12", 2-HI, 100-HP; With Variable speed (1) Horsburgh & Scott RD4000 Reducer, Gearbox Operator Pushbutton Control; (1) Litell Uncoiler, 18", Expanding Mandrel Type 16"-20" ID Pneumatic Brake (1) Gauer 9H10 Deburring Machine, 10"W Safety Edger (1) Recoiler, 24-HP, Horsburgh & Scott RD-1600 Reducer 30 HP Variable Speed Recoiler With Pneumatic Push Off (1) Turnstile, 2-Station Full Electronics and Drive With Operator Station


Stock NumberVX-17563