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Line Includes: Mill Drive Motor: 5000 HP, 0/35/70 RPM @ 600V, 0/40.8/81.6 RPM @ 700V, DC Motor thru Pinion Stand and Spindles, Develops Maximum Torque @ 225% Overload 250% Overload - Momentary 275% Overload -Instantaneous (Work Rolls Driven) 96" Reversing Hot Mill Coolant System: Hot Mill Vertical Edger: Edger Drive Motor: (1) 1500 HP, 250/500 RPM, DC Motor With Variable Voltage Control Develops Maximum Torque @ 225% Overload 250% Overload - Momentary 275% Overload - Instantaneous Operating Table & Guides: 230V Permanent Magnet DC Motors Hot Mill Run Out Tables: Tables A, Band E1: 5.2 HP, 215 RPM, 230V, PMDD Motors Tables E2, F1, F2, F3: 4 HP, 200 RPM, 230V, DC Motors 2" x 96" Hot Mill Shear: Manufacturer: Stamco Year Manufactured: 1958 Speed Maximum: 18 Strokes Per Minute (Based on 100,000 psi Shear Strength @ 600 F) Auxiliary Equipment: Scrap Chute Logan Scrap Conveyor 1" x 96" Hot Mill Plate Shear: Manufacturer: Stamco Year Manufactured: 1958 Type: Up-Down Cut Shear Shear Drive: 50 HP, 900 RPM, 440V, AC Motor and Control Auxiliary Equipment: Scrap Chute Scrap Conveyor


ManufacturerE. W. Bliss
ModelUp-Cut Shear
Stock NumberVX-17426
Roll size30"/36" x 55" x 96"
Width maximum96"
Speed maximum660 FPM
Broadside maximum96"
Weight maximum35,000 Lbs.
Ingot size maximum22" x 75" x 240"
Oil typeSoluble Oil and Water (Far Best CH207B)
Coolant sump pumps(2) Ingersoll 1400 gpm @ 20 psi
Coolant supply pumps(2) Ingersoll 1500 gpm @ 110 psi
Storage tank(2) 20,000 gallons
Coolant control systemValvtrol
Rolls42" Diameter x 24" Face
Strip speed maximum660 FPM
Width opening22" Minimum, 96" Maximum
Edger roll speed30/60 RPM
Opening side guides24" Minimum, 130" Maximum
Table roll drivesEach Half Roll Individual 2.6 HP, 200 RPM Output
Roll length96"
Sheet width24" Minimum, 90" Maximum
Table speedEither Automatic with Mill or Manually Selected by Pulpit Operator
Tables g and h2.6 HP, 200 RPM, 230V, PMDD Motors
Opening maximum12"
Crop size maximum12"
Shear drive2" Thick x 90" Wide or 3" Thick x 65" Wide
Cut maximum1" Thick x 90" Wide (Hot Metal)