Current Products: 6 mm - 14 mm Diameter Rebar ( can manufacture other size as well) 5-Pass Tandem Trains Roughing Mill Roll stand R-1 thru R-6 2 Hi Roller bearing type Complete with guide plate with guide and sole plates Maker: N K K Japan - 6 units 2 HI Kamwaltx Pinion stand for R-1 thru R-6 molding sole plats -6 units + 3 units( spare) total 9 uiits Reduction gear box including gear coupling Make UEDA/HASEC 3-1 For R-1 stand single output stage type 3-2 For R-2/3/4 stands triple output stage type Gear ratio R-2 1/20.532 1 unit R-3 1/14.977 R-4: 1/11.145 3 For R5/6 stands Double output stage type Gear ratio R-5 1/8.133 R-6 : 1/6/161 Drive spindles for R-1 thru R-6 stand U joint type 12 pcs 3 KV 60HZ including high tension panel & starting resistor 5-1 For R-2/3/4 stands 1 unit AC900KW, 16 poles( 440RPM) 5-2 For R-5/6 stands AC550KW 16-poles ( 440 RPM) 1 unit Spare parts available Rolls with Kalibers on approx 24 pcs Rolls Chock approx 24 pcs Rolls bearing approx 30 pcs Twist Roller guide approx 10 pcs Drive spindle joint Few Flying crops shear nominal cutting size 49 X 49 mm Drive AC37KW , 440V , 60HZ including control panel 1 unit


Stock NumberVX-17449
Production capacity170,000 TPY
Billet size120 mm x 120 mm
Rolls diameter range500mm-420 mm
Rolls barrel length940mmL
Gear ratio1/26.395 1 unit
Mill motorFuji brand
NoteAC350KW 16 poles for R-1 stand excluded of supply scope