Demag Sack Reversing 4-HI Cold Rolling Mill (Used)

Demag Sack Reversing 4-HI Cold Rolling Mill (Used)

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Mill Builder - Mannesmann Demag Sack

Year of Manufacture - 1982

Type of mill - Reversing 4HI Cold Rolling Mill

Driven by the work rolls rated max 230 KNm torque (169,000 lb-ft)

Backup roll diameter - 1050 to 1150 mm

Backup roll face - 1350 mm

Backup Bearing Style - Roller Bearings

Backup Lubrication is by Oil Mist

Work roll diameter - 360 to 435 mm

Work roll face - 1420 mm

Work Roll Lubrication is by grease

Maximum Speed depending on work roll diameter 500/550 m/min

Mill Motors - (Qty 2) 1840 kw total 3680 kw 350/800 rpm (5175 hp)

Winder Motors - 700 kw 350/1050 rpm motor each side (938 hp)

Mandrel Diameter - 508 mm to 2000 mm (coil weight max 25,000 kg)

Mandrels Support by outboard bearing gates      

Screwdown Max Roll Force - 17000 kn  (3.82 million pounds max roll force) 

Lower Screwdown Cylinders 680 mm bore x 175 mm stroke

Pass Line Wedge - 5 Step each 21 mm

Mill Pinion Stand Ratio   1 to 1

Winder Gearbox Ratios  9 to 1 low speed &  4.5 to 1 high speed

Winder Max Tension   7500 kg (high Speed)  15,000 kg (low speed)

ASEA Load Cells on entry and exit deflector rolls

Positive and Negative Roll Bending

Strip Gauges - DMC DC X-Ray 

Coolant System - Water Soluble 4% oil 95% water

Coolant Filtration - Flatbed Filter

Hydraulic Systems - 3 Power Units

    Screw down system operating pressure 280 bar

    Auxiliary system operating pressure 120 bar (Rexroth)

    Roll Bending Operating Pressure 150 bar

Fume Exhaust and Filter System - 75,600 cubic meter / hour

Coolant Delivery 400 lpm with flatbed paper filter

Coolant on entry side by USC selectable sprays

Entry Winder has auto traversing strip edge control with +/- 100 mm stroke

Crop Shear and Lower Scrap Box on both sides of the mill

Exit side deflector roll is ASEA type with helper drive presently not operational

AGC was replaced by GE in 2015 

In floor coil cars (qty 2)


Spare Mill Dual Pinion Stand

Spare Mill Motor 1840 kw

Spare Winder Motor 700 kw

Spare Backup Roll Chocks 4

Spare Backup Rolls 6

Spare Work Roll Chocks 18


Stock NumberVX-17572