Hot Plate Rolling Mill Plant (Used)

Hot Plate Rolling Mill Plant (Used)

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General Specifications:

Install date: Dec. 1997

Maker: Davy (England), Etc.

Product capacity: 2,000,000 ton/year

Material: Slab

T130t~300t x W1,200~2,200mm x L2,350~4,000mm

Product: Plate

T5t~180t x W1,200~4,100mm x L max.25m

Weight of equipment only 44,182 tons (except frame of the factory building) 

Factory area: 232,143m2

Cumulative production: 24,887,560 ton (17 years and 7months) 

 Downtime: July. 2014

Initial investment: USD 1.1 billion (1997)

Equipment Specifications:

Reheating furnace:

Type: Walking beam / 2 shift / 4line

Size: W9m x L50m x H4,2m

Capacity: 235ton/hr. x 2 sets 

Burner: 80ea

Fuel: LNG

Standard material: 250t x 1,900w x 3,400L(11.7ton) x100ea

Maker: Nippon steel - Japan


Type: High press water spray

Ability: 4550?/min.-228bar

Maker: Davy - England

Roughing Mill:

Type: 4-High reversing mill

Down Press: Max. 4,000ton

Work Roll: 1,120ø x 4,300L mm

Back Up Roll: 2,150ø x 4,300L mm

RPM: 45~110rpm

Main motor: AC8,000kw x 2ea

Maker: Davy - England 

Finishing Mill:

Type: 4-High reversing mill (work roll shifting-SMS)

Down press: Max. 9,000ton

Work roll: 1,120ø x 4,600L mm

Back up roll: 2,150ø x 4,300L mm

RPM: 45~110rpm

Main motor: AC 8,000kw x 2ea

Maker: Davy - England

Hot Leveler:

Type: 4-High reversing leveler

Leveling thickness: Max. 100mm

Work Roll: 280ø x 4,350L mm / Hardness-Hs68+-3

Back Roll: 295ø x 2,000L mm / Hardness-Hs51~54

Leveling ability: Max. 50t x 4,200w mm

Maker: Tae Chang - Korea

Automatic shape measuring device:

Type: Camera 7sets / Laser 2sets

Scan angle: 14.24°

Thickness: 6~300mm

Width: 1,200~3,300mm

Length: 6,000~50,000mm

Camber measuring area: max.300mm

Measuring temp.: 500~1,100? 

Cooling Bed:

Type: Working beam x 2sets

Size: No.1 C/B-58w x 95Lm

     No.2 C/B-38W x 76Lm

Moving Speed: 18m/min. (1.3m/sec.)

1 cycle time: 1,400mm/36se

Maker: Davy-England

Automatic shape marking machine

Type: Nozzle spray

Size: 7,800w x 3,290h x 850t mm

Thickness: 6.0~130mm

Width: 1,300~3,200mm

Length: 3,500~25,000mm

Temp.: 0~400?

Crop Shear:

Type: Rolling Down Cut

Cutting Thickness: 6~40mm

Cutting Width: 1,200~4,150mm

Maker: Davy-England

Double Side Shear: Type: Rolling Down Cut

Cutting Thickness: 4.8~50mm

Cutting Width: 1,000~4,150mm

Feeding Length: 1,100mm

Cutting Force: 4,600Kn

Cutting Capacity: 800sheet/day

Maker: Davy- England

End Shear:

Type: Rolling down cut

Cut Thickness: 6~40mm

Cutting Width: 1,000~4,150mm

Maker: Davy - England

Marking Machine:

Type: Dot and Stamping, Side Marking

Marking Speed: 0~90m/min.

Tamp.: -15~300?

Maker: Mark-tec. Korea - Korea

Thickness measuring machine, Y-ray:

Type: ?-ray

Thickness: 6~120mm /Cs137 use

Length: 2,000mm / Contactless laser Doppler

Width: 1,200mm / Line image camera

Maker: IMS - Germany

Ultrasonic Test:

Type: Pulse reflection

Measuring Thickness: 6.0~120mm

Measuring Width: 1,200~4,100mm 

Measuring Temp. Max.: 120?

Maker: NDT - Germany

Cold Leveler:

Type: Down Press

Down Press: Max.5,700ton

Work Roll: 350~360ø x 4,300Lmm (up-4ea/down-5ea)

Leveling Thickness: 5~50mm

Leveling Width: 1,000~4,200mm

Leveling Length: 3~26m

Maker: SPCO - Japan


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