Yoder Tube Mill, W3.5 (Used)

Yoder Tube Mill, W3.5 (Used)

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Consisting of:

3-ton Jib crane

Littell Double Uncoiler 6000 Lb.

Kent shear and end welder Model 79020

Kent Vertical Floop machine no 1041sts3033

Yoder W35 mill

Universal drive

3.5" shaft diameter

4 forming stands

3 finn passes

6 side roll stands 1.75" diameter shafts

3 roll weldbox

Thermatool 200kw High Frequency Tube Type cut-off

Zinc metalizing welding gun

3 sizing stands


2-100 HP AC VARIABLE speed Toshiba variable speed motors

ABB Digital Vector Drives

All-Cut High Speed Flying Hydraulic Cutoff

All cut Hi Speed hydraulic cutoff

96" bed

30' run out table 

Several sets of tooling with the mill up to 3" diameter


Stock NumberVX-17583