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Starting in 1965, VX-LLC, a Van Deilen family-owned business, has focused on buying and selling used processing equipment for various industries.

Our mission is to provide buyers and sellers of process equipment with a value-filled, service-oriented experience for complete customer satisfaction. We not only handle selling and brokering but also dismantling, packaging, shipping, and installation services.  

In addition, VX-LLC advertises equipment all over the world. Our international customer database works in partnership with the most recent media marketing tools to guarantee immediate, broad exposure to the global market of equipment buyers.

Our team at VX-LLC couldn’t be more qualified to handle your buying or selling needs. Not only do we have a strong foundation in international culture and languages, but our multi-discipline technical knowledge gives us the tools to assess best, acquire, deliver, and install any equipment anywhere in the world.

Our unmatched experience and we’re ready to give your business a distinct advantage over the competition.


For over fifty-five years, VX-LLC has been buying and selling used processing equipment for the steel, aluminum, copper, and brass industries. Are you looking for quality used metalworking machinery? Do you want to lower your costs and increase your production capabilities at the same time? 

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If your answer is yes, you should go with a company with a proven record of global service and success. What sort of proven equipment can you expect to find at VX-LLC? Click HERE  to see a sample.


If, after having browsed our inventory, you don’t find your desired equipment, let us know, and we will work with you to acquire what you need. We will determine your requirements, make connections, and locate the equipment that best meets your needs at prices that can’t be beaten.

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