84´´ x 1/2´´ Bronx Coil Flattener / Peeler (Used)
Inventory #: VX-11056


Peeler Table Up Down/In Out
Double Roll Edge Guides
14" Diameter Entry Pinch Rolls with Hydraulic Cylinders Roll Position
3/3 Work/Flattening Rolls
12" Diameter Work Rolls
90 1/2" Roll Face
Motorized Roll Adjustment
160 HP Motor & New Digital Drive
2 Speed Gear Box
Air Clutch

This Leveler has been completely rebuilt and is in very good condition. (See Below Rebuilding List)

The work rolls are new with new bearings.
The 4 large entry screw jacks are basically new (bearings, seals, bronze wheel, worm,
One screw jack motor is new and the other 2 were rebuilt, (the screw jacks gearboxes were rebuilt as well).
The pinch roll hydraulic cylinders are rebuilt.
The peeler table and guide rollers are new.
The flattener motor is 119kW or 160 HP (was a new spare).
The drive unit is new,
The intermediate 2 speed gear box was also a new spare.
The large gear box was rebuilt with new gears and bearings (also have 2nd gear box housing for the opposite direction).

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